Client – Jackie and Kim

Location – East Sussex 

The garden had had some terracing built by previous owners but lacked any purpose or cohesion and the clients were not getting the most out of the space.

The design brief was to create a series of garden rooms that had distinct characteristics and atmospheres yet still felt connected to each other.

The clients had done extensive work on the inside of the property creating a modern, minimal living space and one of the key considerations was to link the internal and the external. 

“Steve has created a garden that is structured and architectural, which reflects the aesthetic of the house, whilst maintaining a sense that the garden integrates with the natural settings. We feel that Steve has achieved just the right balance on all levels.”  

“As we are designers ourselves we had quite strong views.

Steve happily discussed and took our views into account. It was very much a collaborative and evolutionary process.”


The project had a strict deadline as their wedding reception and party was being held in the garden - so no pressure!